Partners in Mission

When we look at our world, we need to see the faces behind the news reports and statistics. God actively cares about all of his creation, but he chooses to work through His people who have been charged to carry out his mission of hope, healing and transformation. We are God’s hands to comfort a hurting world.

Salvation Army congregations have an important role in supporting Partners in Mission. This fundraising campaign provides the necessary money to carry out the ministry of The Salvation Army worldwide. These funds ensure that the Army continues to be a beacon of hope in countries devastated by poverty, illness and natural disasters – countries where much of the population lives on less than $2 a day.

In 2015, the focus of our Partners in Mission campaign is Liberia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.  For more details, call us at 519-271-2950.

Partners In Mission 
The money raised during the Partners in Mission Appeal provides the essential funding needed for the ongoing ministry of the Army in each of these countries. This funding is necessary to keep the infrastructure in place so that communities can focus on specific needs and concerns, such as education, health, clean water, income generation or human-trafficking issues.