“I am grateful to The Salvation Army for helping and providing subsidized funds that will allow my daughter to attend camp.  You do not know how that makes me feel, she will be very excited that she will have the opportunity to go to camp.” – S.C.


“I appreciate your help today with the apartment contact information that you provided.  We will be able to stay close to my parents.  My children will now be able to stay in the same school.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I really appreciate The Salvation Army’s assistance.” – C.E.


“In March of 2011 me and my mum moved from Thunder Bay, ON to Stratford, ON.  Immediately after we moved we got emergency assistance from The Salvation Army Stratford.  Not only were we given survival support but also emotional support.  Within months we began to attend church services.  After attending church services there was an immediate sense of family in the congregation.  Later that month I was invited to go to the youth Bible study at the house of the Pastors.  I continued going every other Wednesday and within a couple of months I decided that I was going to become a Christian.  In October of 2012 when I had to have a surgical endoscopy, The Salvation Army support we were shown helped me and my mum get through it.  The thing that helped me most was knowing that our extended church family was praying for us and thinking about us. “ – A. McQuaker-Lee


“I have asked for help and still do ask for help, and I am given what is needed and then more.  They hear my needs and take them as though they are their own and do what they can to support myself and my family.” – H. Currie


TSA Stratford has been a source of strength and support for our family. They have supported our foster daughter, they were with us throughout the hardest decision of our life with our pregnancy, they showed an unbelievable outpouring of support with the birth of our twins, and continue to be there for us, with help, with coffee, a kind word, a prayer and a place we know we can turn to at any time. Thank you to Pastors Sabourin and the congregation at TSA Stratford.” – The Bontaine Family


“I didn’t know how I was going to afford to celebrate my daughter’s upcoming birthday.  Now I have something special for her and her friends.” – Anonymous Single Mom & Family Service Client, upon receiving cupcakes as part of an emergency bag of food, a unique local food donation we had received


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