Employment Opportunities:


Volunteer Opportunities at our locations in Stratford and Mitchell:

  1. Christmas Kettles (Months of Nov. & Dec.)

  • Kettle Worker – Greets people at one of our kettles.
  • Driver – Checks on kettle workers/small pick-ups, etc.


2. Christmas Toy Depot (Months of Nov. & Dec.)

  • Setup Crew – Sorts toys and stocks shelves
  • Personal Shopper – Assists parents with shopping experience
  • Hospitality Support – Greets parents, oversees snacks and beverages, etc.
3. Christmas Food Hamper (Dec.)
  • Hamper Helper – Receives and fetches hampers for pick-up.


4. Special Events

  • Food Drive Worker – Greets people at drop off location.


5. Thrift Store

  • Help with various tasks around the store, which may include: stocking shelves, cleaning, sorting items, etc.


6. Food Bank

  • Help with sorting food, stocking shelves, packing bags, etc
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the Volunteer Application form below and return it to any of our locations. Applications can also be picked up at our office: 230 Lightbourne Ave, Stratford.