Who We Are

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity.

Mission Statement

The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

Vision Statement

The Salvation Army Stratford will honour God in all is actions and activities.  

The Salvation Army Stratford will make great efforts to maintain a foundation that is rooted in almighty God. This will be evidentin how events are planned and executed, programs are chosen and administered and services are offered and rendered.

The Stratford Salvation Army will be a community that is driven by its faith in Jesus Christ and its belief in integrated mission.

The Salvation Army Stratford’s ministry philosophy is such that there is no separation between our congregational ministry and Community Services ministry.  This philosophy is derived from the interpretation of Matthew 25.  One type of ministry does not have higher value or take precedence over another.  All ministries are undertaken as a whole and without both components holistic help cannot be offered with any success or hope of complete transformation.

The Salvation Army Stratford will seek to accomplish its mission by doing all it does in a manner that is contextual with local life rhythms allowing for the opportunity for regeneration.

The Salvation Army Stratford finds itself in a time of history that offers new opportunities with unique and creative ways to make an impact in the Kingdom of God and increase The Salvation Army presence.  The Salvation Army Stratford will conduct ministry in a manner that is relevant and appropriate to its location not only geographically but historically.  This will be done by adapting to contextual local customs and current global technology.

This methodology is based upon 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 – I have become all things to all people that by all possible means I might save some.